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How More Legal Cannabis Businesses Are Limiting Liability With Remote Video Monitoring

America is a highly litigious society, and more often than not if a person sees an opportunity for a lawsuit they’ll take it. This goes especially if they see an opportunity to sue a business, whose insurance and revenue make them choice candidates for a damaging lawsuit.
As an effect of this, an unfortunately disproportionate amount of business owner’s energy needs to be dedicated to limiting their liability during day-to-day operations. Creating extensive procedures and rulebooks for everything from hiring, to training, to cleaning your premises to protect your company from being targeted by predatory lawyers is just part and parcel of doing business in America.
One often overlooked vector that liability threats can emerge from is from your own security personnel. Security guards are often seen as a loss-prevention necessity in some of the more crime-prone parts of a city, especially for legal cannabis businesses that are so often targeted by the criminal element.
There are many different grades of guard, however, with the less expensive vendors providing personnel that is little better than mall security. These guards are often poorly trained and many get into the security business for less-than-noble reasons, looking for easy work that lets them exercise a little power over your employees and clientele.
While this can be bad enough by itself, it also leaves your business wide open for liability law suits if those guards begin targeting customers and innocents for bullying based on protected statuses. There have been multiple instances of a business being sued because its guards hassled POC window shoppers that were simply passing by.
Poorly trained guards are also unlikely to act properly if an emergency situation does develop, acting with too much force, too quickly, or too slowly, causing harm to themselves, your other employees, your customers, and even the criminal themselves. You may even be held liable if the situation only involves the guard and the criminal, with one or both getting injured or killed.
This is why more and more businesses are turning to 100% remote guarding, depending instead on cameras and other detection equipment to locate criminals targeting their business and using the footage to notify police and file a claim to their insurer once the losses are recorded. While this may not seem like an ideal method of loss prevention, it may end up saving you far more over the long run than what you have in your safe or your shelves any one night.

One cutting edge development in the use of monitoring technology, introduced by California based security company Cannabis Compliant Security Solutions, is drone surveillance. Drone-operated remote guarding combines the maneuverability of a guard with the monitoring capability of a high-end camera, allowing pilots to get a bird’s-eye view of your premises with a variety of cameras that can track intruders and provide real-time information to the police.
Limiting your exposure to liability is a difficult dance that every business nevertheless must dance if they want to survive in the coming years. By arming yourself with the best in remote video monitoring technologies offered by security experts such as CCSS, you can limit the exposure the typical guard would give you while keeping your business safe and intact. Call today:
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