How To Avoid Adverse Possession Laws From Impacting Your Property

Over the past half decade, many have wrung their hands over a series of new laws impacting both landlords and tenants. In an attempt to make life easier for renters, lawmakers have strengthened the legal protections governing the relationship between renter and rentee, making legal actions like evictions far more difficult.
One term many landlords fear above all others is adverse possession, better known as “squatter’s rights”. This legal doctrine grants a person ownership of property that they don’t own and have used without the permission of the owner.

In layman’s terms, squatter’s rights allow for the claim of ownership for a piece of property after the ‘squatter’ has used it continuously for a specified period without the owner attempting to eject them. This specified period varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and can range from 5 years to more than a decade.
This presents a particular problem for property owners, who may not be aware of the squatter’s presence until it is too late. A lengthy eviction legal process that crosses over the specified period will allow the squatter to claim ownership of the property.
If you have a person that is using your property without permission, it is imperative that you start the legal process of eviction as quickly as possible. With the complexity of renter’s rights laws in California, it’s likely that an attorney will be necessary.
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