Our Mission

Freedom Law believes that every citizen should have access to the resources you need to determine which law firm or individual attorney best fits their legal needs. There are 47,563 law firms serving in the United States, with each firm presenting its own strengths and weaknesses in the field it practices in. Access to quality attorneys is an imperative, whether you are a citizen involved in a civil suit, a couple getting divorced, or a business owner forming an important contract. Without proper representation, a life can easily be ruined by fine print or a litigious opportunist.

The Importance Of Representation

People who are well represented at trial do not get the death penalty. I have yet to see a death case among the dozens coming to the Supreme Court on eve-of-execution stay applications in which the defendant was well represented at trial.” (Ruth Bader Ginsberg)
Criminal cases are not unique – every field of law requires a level of dedication and precision that many lawyers will never achieve. For the common man, the laws in this country are about as impenetrable as a block of stone, so they just do no know what to look for when it comes to judging the quality of a firm.
“I was chairman of a company that had been offered an investment by a Fortune 500 company offering to make a strategic investment in our business… The business terms had been agreed between the business development officer of the investing company and our board, as both companies turned the details over to their respective attorneys for documentation. The attorney for the investor was a member of a large, respected law firm in Silicon Valley, and certainly was full of himself as sole legal protector of the rights of his very significant investor. As drafts of the otherwise standard investment agreements passed from him to our attorney and our management, we immediately spotted a significant number of terms we not only had not agreed to but were contrary to the spirit of the investment. The attorney held fast defending every challenge, stating that “these terms are standard for our client and cannot be changed.” We appealed to the business development executive, who deferred to the attorney restating that the terms were unchangeable as far as the big company was concerned. After conferring between our attorney and board, we walked away from what would have been a fine strategic partnership, killed by an attorney who probably understood the client requirements but was unwilling to offer flexible solutions to problem areas.” (Dave Berkus, Berkonomics.com)
Just as an overworked and harried public defense attorney may drop the ball, many lawyers in many firms are juggling a large case load and cannot give their full attention to every client. Some lawyers may not have the energy to keep themselves constantly updated on jurisprudence and changes to the law, and others just do not have the competence to stand on their own in a courtroom. You do not want an attorney that will needlessly kill deals that your company is making to satisfy their own ego. You do not want an attorney that is lax in their attention to detail missing an important piece of evidence during your proceedings. You do not want an attorney that will do everything in their power to increase the level of acrimony in your divorce proceedings to drag out the process and get the biggest possible payout. Our mission is to provide the public with quality and detailed reviews of attorneys in a variety of fields that they can then use to make an informed decision on which firm they choose to represent them. These reviews are carefully written in plain language that the average citizen can understand, free from the legalese that makes the law books so incomprehensible. Lawyers and lawmakers jealously guard knowledge of their fields to increase the prestige and mystique of their profession, but we believe citizens can be educated in a more mundane and practical sense. Knowing which attorneys to look for in their field of concern gives power back to them, and allows for the elevation of both the client and the firms that rise above the fold.